We are all a product of our life experiences. Which means that we all see the world in a different way. In our own unique way. This idea has profound ramifications because, simply put, my truth is not your truth. Our life experiences create expectations and belief systems which are uniquely our own. You have read about my life experiences in The Perfect System book, so rehashing them seems unnecessary. But, as you can see, my experiences are not the same as yours.

This idea has real life ramifications. First off, I can’t have the “Big Picture”, what Social Scientists call “objective reality”. I can only glimpse my portion of this reality, which Science calls “subjective reality”.

This singular world view is the outcome of our “life experience” filter.

Next, if this logic makes sense to you, then two things must occur. The only way I can see a glimpse of the “Big Picture” is to listen to your unique perception of it. And the more different peoples’ perceptions I can consume, the larger my understanding of the “Big Picture”.

Ergo, there is only one person who I can be right for, and it is me. The profound understanding of this truth has been earth shaking for me. In simple terms, what is right for me, by definition, cannot be right for you. What a humbling idea. In real life,  it leads to fewer arguments, less confrontations and, most importantly, it forces me to be empathetic in all my social interactions. This was a big Wow for me. I hope this notion affects you the same way.

To reiterate, we all see and experience our world in a unique and personalized way. My truth cannot be the other person’s truth. It is the height of egotism to think otherwise. And counter productive.

Stay tuned to my next blog.