WARNING: In deference to some of my blog readers who are devoted atheists, this blog may not be for you.

This information was shared with me by one of my Kabbalah teachers, Shaul Youdkevitch.

He opens his discourse by asking the question: Why are there so many people who feel unhappy, unnecessary, and unable to fulfill their true worth and talents?

Kabbalah’s explanation and remedy is quite profound.

He proceeds to tell this anecdote.

You buy a new appliance and it does not work so you call up customer service and say, “My machine does not work.”

What’s the first thing they ask?

Have you plugged your machine into the electrical wall outlet?

He continues with the parallel.

The moment that we feel empty and that we are not working properly, it means we are not plugged in, not plugged into the Cosmos. Kabbalah call it the Light Force of the Creator.

Because we are like an appliance, we have a basic need for energy/light. So that we can operate properly and fulfill our function. Same as a toaster, fridge or microwave.

Not plugged in, not working.

Without being plugged in, we are just junk sitting in the corner, asking: What’s missing? Why doesn’t my life work?

When we feel that our world has become empty and hopeless, chances are that we are simply not plugged in.

And then it begs the question: How do we get plugged back in?

First off, it is important to truly understand the above metaphor and then have the genuine desire to get plugged in.

Next, go to where your “face of God” is strongest for you. Your Temple, Mosque, Synagogue, Church, or Home environment. Remember this is not about religion and/or ritual and/or customs. This is about plugging in.

How to plug in?

Just ask.

That really is the ultimate goal of prayer. The light force of God/the Cosmos/the Creator doesn’t need our praise or thanks. After all, whatever your belief is, that thing (Light force of God/the Cosmos/the Creator) is defined as being omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent.  Because it is ALL/infinite, it only needs one thing from us: To receive its abundance.

Using another metaphor, it is the mother cow wanting and needing to give milk to its young. But we have to make a gesture/action to suckle.

The action/gesture?

Have a conversation with the “face of God” that is pertinent and resonates to you.  Because God has many faces,  each one of us can relate in our own way and in our own manner.

Sounds simple and it is, according to most spiritual pursuits.

We plug in by creating a dialogue. The dialogue is crucial because the condition of having a conversation is that one has to have another party to converse with. This action acknowledges that there is something greater than us and that something is our power source/ outlet.

True prayer is not a monologue. It is a dialogue.

I am hoping in this New Year that we can all plug in and turn on.