Two cows are standing in a field.

One cow says to the other cow, “Are you afraid of getting Mad Cow Disease”?

The other cow says, “Not really.”

The first cow says, “Why not?”

The second cow says, “Because I’m a helicopter.”


Great joke but contains a telling message.

Not only do we create our own reality, but we also can create our own delusional reality.

I pray that in the coming new year, we will all be able to see the objective truth and not just our own truth.

As I wrote in a past blog, “…We are all a product of our life experiences. And that is how we see the world. The uncontestable conclusion must be that my truth is not your truth…”

I can’t emphasize enough, how important this idea is.

Choose which outcome you would like to create for yourself.  One of judgement or one of human dignity. Exclusion or inclusion.

And from my experience, the greater truth is that no one likes to be judged.

The outcome can only lead to division and separation.