Two short messages.

The first is a picture I received from my son, Jacob.

Take a read.


I love the message and the way it is conveyed.



Doctor goes to get his car fixed. the mechanic said to him, we both do the same thing, we both fix engines. why am I making less money than you? The doctor says try fixing the motor you while it’s running.


When I was partners with Labbats in a company called Supercorp, I only had one contentious meeting with my partner and then President of Labbats, Sid Oland.

He said unhappily, that he was looking over my P&L and saw that my team of composers and orchestrators were making more money than I was, as President of our $150 million + company.

My answer was short and sweet. “Because they’re worth it”. He never brought the subject up again.

I never resented the people around me making more money than me. My self-worth was never related to the compensation of others.

The respect, acknowledgment and recognition of the people I worked with was more important to me. Why? Because in the end it was never about me. It was about us.

More food for thought.