I heard a piece of wisdom recently that I want to pass onto the readers of my blog. It blew me away when I first heard it. Profound and true.

“There was a suicidal man who came before a great Rabbi. The Rabbi was known as a Tzadikk and acknowledged for his wisdom. The man said, ‘I want to kill myself’ and the Tzadikk responded, ‘Good idea, which part of you do you want to kill?’ ”.


Many suicidal people want to kill themselves in order to kill their misery. To kill the part of themselves that creates their seemingly black hole of depression. The part that is too much to bare. The aspect of shame or regret or self-loathing, etc, that makes them feel hopeless. Unfortunately, most suicidal people cannot pick themselves up by their “boot straps” because they cannot find their boot straps. This Sage’s challenge of “all or nothing” may prove helpful to those in this life-threatening state.

I just love this story and the wisdom imparted by this great Rabbi.